COVID-19 Update & Response

As a new, growing brand striving to integrate social good with entrepreneurship, we're learning that it's times like these that really give all of us the opportunity to come together as Americans and humans, to have each other's backs, and to make a difference.
And even when things might seem like they are going to be ok for ourselves and our families, the reality is that it might not be ok for someone else's. This is a difficult time for individuals, families, students, small businesses, and employees all across the globe.

Amid school closures, there is the fear and reality that many millions of students across the U.S. will go hungry, without access to the National School Lunch Program. Out of 30 million students across the country that rely on these meals every day, around 21 million are at risk of being without access to their school's food programs. Currently, whether students have access to these food programs is up in the air, depending on which school district and location they live in.

These same students that depend on school food programs often have parents that are at risk for job disruptions and affected by job layoffs,  those that still have a job needing to take unpaid time off of work to care for their children. All of this makes things even more stressful for life at home, not knowing how they will be able to pay rent, afford medical bills, or find their next meal.

Additionally, food banks are currently seeing a decrease in donations, declining volunteer groups, and an increased demand from vulnerable families.

Because of this, we have decided to double down on the fight against food insecurity during these hard times amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Until further notice, we will be doubling the amount of meals we provide with every backpack sold, and directing efforts to helping students and families affected by this evolving crisis.

For every backpack sold, we will be donating an additional 25 meals to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund. Donations made to the response fund will supplement food banks across the country during this time of reduced donations, as well as help fund the creation and distribution of staged food boxes in the most vulnerable areas of our country.

And if you would like to help, but are not currently in need of a backpack, that is totally ok! You can use the following link to Feeding America's COVID-19 Response Fund in order to donate directly via their website:

Lastly, as a travel/adventure brand, it goes against our nature to tell you that cutting back on travel plans is probably best for the time being, but we want each and every one of you to stay safe and healthy, so we've taken the liberty to come up with a few adventure options that don't involve travel/being around crowds:

1. Hit the trails early this year, and hike that mountain (or forest or valley) that you've been meaning to since last summer.

2. If it's still snowy where you live, bust out those snowshoes (or even just a pair of yak-traks) and get lost in the woods.

3. Cook up some of your favorite dishes from all around the world. Have themed dinner nights for each of your favorite regions/countries and let your taste buds soar.

4. Buy a puppy! First off, dogs can't carry or spread COVID-19, and've been wanting one right?

5. Read a book or two about your favorite destinations, or a biography of your favorite adventurer. Time to get inspired for when this all blows over!

Please email us with any questions, and as always - long live the adventure!

Matilda and Kelly
Co-Founders of Adventurist Backpack Co.