Crazy about adventure, serious about people.

We’re Matilda and Kelly, the wife/husband co-founders of Adventurist Backpack Co.

We have an incurable case of the travel bug, and we've set out to make the world's greatest backpacks - high quality, minimalist design for less than $100.

It all started with a backpacking trip around the world. While we were traveling throughout 2017, we met with many families that were struggling with hunger, learned their stories, and the endeavors they faced to get back on their feet again.

This experience shed a light on a situation we had heard a thousand times, but never truly known. Anyone (including whole families) can face food insecurity due to purely unlucky circumstances. All it takes is one job loss or an unexpected medical bill to uproot someone's life, and leave them unsure of how they will afford next month's rent or put food on the table for themselves and their children.

Wanting to do what we could to help, we began preparing meals each morning and filling up our backpacks, to bring with us and share with each family we met along our travels. While food insecurity isn't a problem that is solved overnight, we wanted to start somewhere and do what we could in the moment. 

After returning home to the U.S. and learning more about the millions of families struggling with food insecurity in our own communities and cities across the country, Adventurist Backpack Co. was started.

On these adventures that led us around the world and sparked our mission to fight hunger, we were both able to fit roughly 25 meals into our backpacks each day. Today we continue providing 25 meals from each backpack.