How We Help

Our Mission

For every backpack sold, Adventurist provides 25 meals to families in need.

We work alongside the leading, national hunger non-profit Feeding America, to help contribute meals to families across America. This includes donations to over 200 food banks nationwide (such as Food Bank of the Rockies, Utah Food Bank, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, and many more), helping to reduce the number of families affected by malnutrition and starvation. You can contact us at if you are interested in more information about the specifics of the food donation process, or have any further questions!

Our team vows to help feed hungry families in order to to fill not only their stomachs, but to fuel their ability to progress, learn, and create,
a better future for all.

Our Story

Adventurist Backpack Co. was founded by wife/husband team Matilda and Kelly.
Matilda, born and raised in a small lakeside village in northern Sweden, and Kelly, a Colorado native, both grew up with a passion for travel and the outdoors.

"The idea of giving meals with backpacks came from a trip we took around Europe. As we were exploring different cities, we would stop by grocery stores and each fill up a backpack with fresh food that we could prepare into individual meals. As we wandered around, we would take a meal that we had prepared out of the backpack and give it to anyone that we noticed needed it along the way.

Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences life has to offer, but can also be very humbling, with the realization that many others don't have what we at times take for granted. Getting the chance to immerse yourself in other cultures and geography is a gift. The world gives us so much, and we think it's time we give a little back.

What we wanted to do with Adventurist Backpack Co. is to integrate giving back, not only as an afterthought, but as an integral part of the company. And sure, the world may never be perfect, but that doesn't mean we can't try to do our part to make it a little bit better."

-Kelly Belknap, Co-Founder of Adventurist Backpack Co.

Our Backpacks

Made with water-resistant and ultra durable 1000D Polyester fabric, the Adventurist Daypack is perfect for each and every adventure. Every backpack is double-padded, front and back, to ensure protection for all of your belongings, and specially designed for even weight distribution, with long days of traveling and hiking in mind.

"We first created a backpack to use on our own adventures. With our lives devoted to traveling and the outdoors, we wanted a backpack perfect for carrying around our everyday items while exploring new places. One that we could bring along for every hike, flight, or camping trip. Surprisingly to us, finding one was a harder task than we had thought. We couldn't seem to find a fashionable, high quality daypack, with extra padding for electronics, that was still comfortable after a 12+ hour day of exploring. Especially one that wouldn't break the bank. So instead of compromising on any of those qualities, we decided to design and create the Adventurist Daypack."

- Matilda Sandström, Co-Founder of Adventurist Backpack Co.

Adventurist Backpack Co. is proud and excited to offer you high-quality backpacks for a good cause. We hope you join us on this quest to travel well, and do good!