6 Restaurants Around The World Worth Traveling For

One of our absolute favorite parts of traveling is the pure joy that comes from indulging in a new culture's food scene! Many times we’ve found ourselves at local restaurants, eating a dish that by itself makes the whole trip worth every cent, as well as every minute squeezed into that cramped airplane seat to get there.
So, without further adieu, here are some of the most finger lickin', heart warmin', food-coma inducing restaurants worth traveling to.

Mestiansky Pivovar, Bratislava
First up is the wonderful Mestiansky Pivovar in Bratislava, Slovakia (Pivovar meaning "brewery"). They serve Slovakian classics such as potato dumplings with smoked pork and sauerkraut, as well as homemade beer cheese (as seen in the photo). AND they also brew some seriously fantastic beer right in the building. It’s a relaxed and cozy setting with the heavenly kind of comfort food any Slovakian grandmother would surely approve of. We would probably (read: will definitely) be heading back to Bratislava again just to go to this restaurant.

Hotel Bellevue, Murren
If you want a true to the name "Swiss cheese" fondue experience, this is the spot! With a cozy chalet atmosphere, and epic views of the alps, this place is pretty much straight out of a fairy tale. The menu has a lot to offer with Swiss classics like rostis, and endless meat and potatoes, but we would strongly recommend going with the cheese fondue, which will likely be the best you’ve had, ever. Just dip, eat, repeat, and let your taste-buds melt away into cheesy oblivion.

Mlejnice, Prague
So, this restaurant earns the highest score, A+ for coziness, with its old fashioned court yard seating area that lets you travel back in time. In addition to this, it also has the best potatoes you’ll eat this side of the Danube! And yes, it might seem weird to order only potatoes as a main dish, but once you take your first bite of these ones, sauce-drenched and bacon-topped, you’ll ask yourself why you would ever eat anything else again.

Yosoy Tapas, Berlin
I mean...who doesn't like tapas? Yosoy Tapas is the perfect place for enjoying delicious food in a bustling and fun environment. Whether you're on a first date or out with a group of friends, we highly recommend. The restaurant is on the smaller side and well known by the locals, so you’ll definitely want to make reservations in advance (we recommend sitting in the front of the restaurant or right at the bar, where you get to be immersed in the hustle and bustle of it all). Here you can enjoy warm and cold tapas, as well as thirst and soul quenching beverages.

Pro tip: Order one of everything, and 2 pitchers of sangria. Hits the spot every time.

‘T Zwart Huis, Bruges
Did anyone say cheese croquette? If you love high quality hearty food, this place is for you! Cheese croquettes, Flemish beef stew and steak tartare are just a few of the amazing dishes served here. And in addition to the food being delicious, the atmosphere is also something to revel in. The main room is old and beautiful, dark colored walls lit by candlelight. Shadows and smoke fill the air; lively chatter growing into the evening.
And yes, while practically every single restaurant (and building) in downtown Bruges is old and beautiful, there’s something special about ‘T Zwart Huis. The restaurant is located in a former merchants house from 1482, and almost 600 years later you can still find copious amounts of the old world charm in here.

El Cardenal, Mexico City
Last but not least - the restaurant that encourages you to have dessert and hot chocolate before your main course. How could you argue with that?
At El Cardenal, the name of the game is delicious, traditional Mexican food. Be ready to fill up on classics such as enchiladas suizas, chicken mole, gorditas, refried beans, and rice. And don't feel rushed making a decision. This is the place to sit back, relax, and let the conversation flow. Something made much easier as the waiter's bring by trays of delicious Mexican breads every few minutes as you're perusing the menu. And while you're at it, warm your soul with hot chocolate made the traditional way - at El Cardenal they still use a traditional Aztec recipe proudly made from the first humans to ever eat chocolate.
This place is crowded all day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so make sure to come early and bring a big appetite!