Adventurist Ambassador Feature: Emma


Q: First off, tell us where you live and your favorite thing to do in your city!
A: I live in Los Angeles! My favorite thing to do is trying the wide variety of foods that LA has to offer! I'm a foodie! 

Q: Living in LA, what is your favorite road trip destination?
A: My favorite road trip destination is San Francisco, CA.  It's only about a 7 hour drive from where I live and I love the colder weather up there!  I also love the style inspiration I am able to get just walking around Union Square.  

Q: Best place you’ve ever been?
A: My all time favorite destination has to be Hawaii.  It is so beautiful and sunsets look unreal in Waikiki.  

Q: What’s something you ALWAYS bring when you travel?
A: I always bring my water bottle so that I don't have to rely on expensive hotel water or plastic bottles.

Q: Where are you headed next?
A: The next place on my travel list is definitely Seoul, South Korea.  I am South Korean but I've never been to Korea, so I'd love to visit one day! 

Q: Finally, what are some words of wisdom that you’d like to share?
A: A message that I live by is to be kind always because you never know who needs it the most.

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