7 Perfect Gifts for Travelers

Looking for a gift for that friend or family member who is constantly traveling the world (hello, don't you have a job like the rest of us...)? Here's a list of 7 perfect gifts for the traveler!

Charger Roll Up
The last thing you want to deal with after finally making it through security and on to your flight is a tangled up jumble of headphones and chargers (how is it even possible for them to get like that??). That's why this roll up charger case comes in so very handy while traveling. This one is $49 and comes with free monogramming - fancy!

Adventurist Daypack
We believe that what you pack in is just as important as what you pack. Your carry on should be comfortable, high quality and fit under the airplane seat easily. And maybe most important of all - it should look great!
This Adventurist backpack is only $60, and for every backpack sold 25 meals are provided to families in need!

Charging Luggage Tag
What's a better accessory to your suitcase than a luggage tag? A portable-charger-luggage tag!
This one has a sleek design and will make sure you don't have to rush around the airport looking for outlets anymore. And at $32 it will up your suitcase game without breaking the bank.

Wallet Phone Case
There's nothing as satisfying for a traveler a things that do double duty. Why carry a phone plus a wallet when you could have it all in one?
This Madewell leather phone case is $28 and will save you some extra space in that packed-to-the-brim backpack.

Noise Canceling Headphones
Good headphones are essential when traveling, an if they're noise cancelling - even better! (No offense to all the crying babies on airplanes...well, maybe just a little)
These retro Marshall headphones go for $150 and are as comfy as they are good-looking. Turn the volume up to 11!

Travel Journal
Whether you want to write down every last detail of your trip, or just trying to remember what restaurants you liked, a travel journal will definitely com in handy!
This one is from Rifle Paper Co. and can be yours (or your travel-loving friend's) for a mere $15.

Toiletry Bag
A neatly packed suitcase is every travelers dream, and the old plastic grocery bag just won't do when it comes to storing your toiletries. A nice toiletry bag is (or at least should be) part of every travelers inventory.
This one is made with waxed canvas, which means that any liquid that might leak won't make it out of the bag and mess up the rest of your stuff. It's $40 and makes a perfect gift for any traveler!