7 Adorable Adventure Puppies (In Backpacks)

In recognition of dogs (and more specifically puppies) because they're awesome, and because we're a backpack company, we've decided to dedicate this article to them. And not just any puppies, but puppies traveling the world...in backpacks.

First up, we have this adorable chocolate lab. Hard to compete with this cuteness, ladies and gents.

Photo: @sashaswashut

Sometimes being a little Chihuahua isn't so easy. You can get cold. Here's one trying to stay warm.

Photo: @clark_aegerter_images

But sometimes, even in cold weather, you just have to let loose and enjoy the ride.

Photo: @campingwithdogs

And so this is technically not a puppy (but rather a little kitten), but we don't pet-scriminate here at Adventurist Backpack Co., so travel on lil bud!

Photo: @sukiicat

If your pack is big enough, who says you can't bring along a friend?

Photo: @alexborsuk

Well, it's not as big as a cabin, but it sure makes a cozy spot for the night.

Photo: @zekkester

And sometimes after a long day, there’s nothing wrong with taking a quick snooze.

Photo: @sashaswashut

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