6 Affordable Spots To Eat in Europe's Big Cities

You dropped $500 for your round trip ticket on Kayak.
You bought a new Adventurist Daypack just for the trip.
You even paid extra to stay in a tiny hotel room, to escape the bunks at that hostel down the street.

We always seem to budget enough to make it wherever we're going, and we always make sure we have a roof over our heads, but for some reason on every trip we go on our food budget turns out to be somewhat non-existent.
"You mean I need to eat in Europe? I thought that's how they were all so skinny!", you might find yourself asking.

Yep. Unfortunately, if you're a traveler on a budget, you most likely have, or will, run into the problem of not being able to eat as much as you'd like, or what you'd like.
But we have some good news! Through our own travels, we have discovered some restaurants that your wallet will thank you for on your adventures across Europe.

The following restaurants are located in some of the more expensive cities, where it is especially hard to find good quality meal for cheap. Use this as your personal guide on where to scarf down some delicious food without breaking the bank. Because let's be honest, food is a super important (the most important?) part of traveling and immersing yourself in the culture. And we think you deserve the best!
So let's take a look at where the locals feast...



Dolores Mitte - Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 7

So to be fair, Berlin might not have the reputation of having the highest food prices in the world, but considering this is our favorite restaurant in the city - it's quick, it's cheap, it's delicious - we thought we'd throw it on here for anyone exploring Germany's capital.

Dolores serves up California-style Mexican food using all organic and local ingredients. Think of it as the Chipotle of Berlin, but better. We recommend the carnitas burrito, stuffed with green rice, black beans, salsa verde, sour cream, lettuce, and guacamole. (We're making our own mouths water right now.) A massive burrito here will run you about 6 or 7 Euros, and will easily keep you full the whole day. And of course you can always wrap your leftovers in tinfoil for later, and make two meals out of the damn thing.
Not to mention, it's food that will stick to your ribs, if you plan on drinking into the night. Bye, bye terrible hangover!


Tjabba Thai -





Denmark is expensive...really expensive. I have this suspicion that Danes believe that no person should be allowed to buy any item of food at a restaurant for less than $15. It's easy to see how the Danes are the happiest people on earth, when you realize that their economy makes us feel like we're back in the Great Depression.

But somehow RizRaz sneaks in there, undetected. At 89 Danish Krones (roughly $13), their lunch buffet serves up copious amounts of Mediterranean fare, including salads, pitas, falafel, pizza, lasagna, roasted red peppers, and enough tzatziki sauce to bathe in. It's located on a back street, and is fully crowded at all times. We heard about it from a friend who is a Copenhagen local, so keep this one on the DL for us!

If you've been to Copenhagen before, then you know this to be true, but $13 for a meal at a sit down restaurant is simply unheard of (even at Burger King, let alone a delicious buffet). So here's a "you're welcome" for when you're roaming the streets, half starved to death, and remember to put RizRaz into Google Maps. You're welcome.


Thanks for reading! And we wish you happy and tasty travels!